The current form of the Sonic body was initated by Marcus Woxneryd and Rowan Drury. The first version was a screen based interactive installation. The concept was then reworked by Anna Chocola, Harry Neve and Thomas Michalak to create a immersive interactive textile installation.

Anna Orliac

textile design and construction

Anna Orliac, aka Anna Chocola, created the textile sculptures within the installation and worked on the concept. Anna is an artist and designer who uses drawing, painting, photography and textile sculpture, often combined, to explore the emotional relationship women have with their bodies and the incompatibility of dreams, desires and ideals. ( visit Anna Chocola’s website ).

Harry Neve

audio development and installation concept

Harry recorded and edited the audio for the Sonic Body, using recording devises in experimental ways to capture the range of sounds. He also developed the concept for the installation and worked on its construction. Harry is a sound and performance artist who is interested in exploring sonic and visual landscapes that lie at periphery of our perception. Harry graduated in 2006 from a degree in Music and Visual Art at Brighton University. ( visit Harry Neve’s website ).

Thomas Michalak

interaction design and sound spatialisation

Thomas developed the interactive components for the Sonic Body, and enabled the sound to be spatialised in the installation. He also worked on the concept and construction. Thomas’s work as a sound and interaction artist uses audio from the environment to create layered sound architectures. His work is about contextualized sound, the presence of the body and mind in a physical and virtual space, and interactivity in public space. ( visit Thomas Michalak website )

Rowan Drury


Rowan initiated the Sonic Body and has curated and managed the exhibition. She is a curator and arts-manager who works with artists and organisations to fundraise, manage, develop and produce exhibitions and projects.

Marcus Woxneryd

interactive development

Marcus initiated the Sonic Body, and worked on its earlier manifestation. He is an interactive designer working for ustwo™ design studio.

Francis Wells

medical advisor

Francis Wells advised the artists on how they could record sounds from the body, and on where and why parts of the body make specific sounds. Francis is a heart and lung surgeon at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. He has been involved in several art/science collaborations, and has published and lectured extensively on Leonardo da Vinci’s studies of the heart.


Additional thanks to; Sandra Almendros for sound support; Grant Newman for microphone building; Kathlyn Pagador, Buse Yildirim, and Rosie for gallery assistance; Thinklabs for providing digital stethoscopes; The Fabric Warehouse for support; the Arduino Community for advice.