Various recording techniques and different types of microphones have been used for the Sonicbody project. From initial investigations with a standard stethoscope to the actual insertion of a microphone into the human body. It has been a journey of learning and discovery both into the sonic world our inner anatomy but also the techniques required to capture this.

( all samples are looped, except the ultrasonic )


We used the Stethoscope to record the sound of the heart, lungs, stomach and joints. Essentially this is very much like pressing ones ear against a persons body and listening to their heart etc. We found that the results were not too unusual and so our recording techniques had to be developed further.

[soundcloud id=’1165452′ artwork=’true’ format=’set’]


This waterproof contact microphone enabled us to venture inside the human body. By actually inserting the microphone into the various orifices of the human body a sonic world unfamiliar to the human ear could be recorded.

[soundcloud id=’1165444′ artwork=’true’ format=’set’]

Anechoic Chamber

We hired an Anechoic chamber to record the most subtle external sounds emitted by the human body. An Anechoic chamber is a highly sound proofed sonic space with absolutely no reverb which allows microscopic sonic activity to be recorded.

[soundcloud id=’1165436′ artwork=’true’ format=’set’]

Ultrasonic Sound

Frequencies which are above the human hearing range are referred to as ultrasound. With specialised recording equipment one can actually capture ultrasonic frequencies and detune them to the human hearing range. Here are some examples of ultrasound emitted by humans.

[soundcloud id=’24619837′]

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